Receiving fine jewelry and antiques as an inheritance can be a heartwarming, sentimental experience.  But while the pieces you received are family treasures, they may not fit your taste or lifestyle.  Rather than relegating them to a dusty attic, you may consider selling them to release their cash value.

Parting with family heirlooms may seem difficult, but selecting a reputable and experienced estate jewelry buyer can make the process easy and enjoyable.

With over four decades of experience, Blackthorn Estate Buyers & Jewelers has built a business based on personalized attention, excellent value, and trust.  Jeweler and Estate Buyer Craig Bagon indicates, “Our clients value our dedication to privacy and they are confident that each transaction will be done fairly and confidentially.

If you have any questions about inherited jewelry, estate antiques, or other items of value, please contact us about your jewelry inheritance at (844) 333-4567.

We are proud of our reputation for integrity and excellent service.
— Craig Bagon, Jeweler and Estate Buyer

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