How can Blackthorn offer more than the other leading jewelry and estate buying companies?

This is a complicated question, and although we are not intending to make ourselves look better by putting other jewelry buying companies down, what we can say is that we are not greedy! We would rather buy a deal at a small profit margin than not buy a deal at all, ultimately benefitting the client you are representing. In addition, we have endless resources of dealers and privates looking to buy from us, which allows us to move merchandise quickly. Basically, our business model is simple and aggressive: We handle large volumes of merchandise, allowing us to offer more on each deal we have the opportunity to buy.

How quickly will Blackthorn be available to view an estate and make an offer?

We are available within 24 hours to view an estate and provide a written offer.

What does Blackthorn Buy?

We buy all jewelry, diamonds, silver and watches.

How does Blackthorn evaluate the jewelry?

Our unique appraisal process is conducted privately, discreetly, and with the utmost concern for each client’s confidentiality. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our excellent service, as well as on our extremely competitive prices.

Will Blackthorn travel out of state?

Few jewelers have the experience, expertise, and financial resources to pay fair market value for their clients’ fine antiques and estate jewelry. And fewer will travel long distances – sometimes on a day’s notice – simply to make an offer on a large estate. Our goal is simple: to establish and build a relationship of trust and confidence with each and every client and attorney we have the opportunity to work with.


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