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With over 30 years in the jewelry and estate buying industry, Blackthorn Estate Buyers & Jewelers has had the opportunity to work very closely with attorney’s specializing in estate distribution, elder law and family law. Attorneys in these specialized areas can be certain that Blackthorn will approach each and every situation in a timely manner and with the utmost privacy and professionalism. We are licensed and insured and have an excellent rating with the BBB.

Following is a general description of a few recent scenarios in which Blackthorn has been asked to assist in evaluating jewelry pieces and in making an offer:

For the last three years, an estate was not being released and the deceased had no beneficiaries. The judge handling the case was not in agreement with the offers that were made by the various jewelry buying companies. After some back and forth, the judge requested a completely new appraisal followed by three new offers from three different jewelry buying companies. On a Wednesday, Blackthorn was approached by the attorney handling the case; Friday morning we viewed the estate and by Friday early afternoon we presented a written offer. Monday morning we were notified that our offer was the highest among all the other offers. Tuesday morning a check was presented to the attorney representing the case. Often times, the answer is simpler than it seems! In this situation, for years, the judge had a difficult time agreeing to accept any of the previous offers. Yet within three days of viewing the estate, Blackthorn had made an offer and written the check!

A couple was seeking divorce and as part of their settlement, they had agreed to divide several assets, including the jewelry purchased throughout the duration of the marriage. Blackthorn had the opportunity to meet with each of the attorney’s and with their respective clients, all together. Even though there was animosity when the meeting first began, Blackthorn took the time to go piece by piece and explain the worth of each item, answering all questions asked by the attorneys as well as the individuals seeking divorce. Blackthorn made an offer that was satisfactory to all, and by the end of the meeting, two separate checks were written to each of the parties involved.

A family inherited a significant amount of jewelry. After each family member selected the pieces they most wanted, they decided to sell the remaining jewelry and divide the proceeds from the sale. The attorney contacted three different jewelry buying companies in order to obtain three offers, ensuring the interests of the beneficiaries. Blackthorn Estate Buyers & Jewelers was not only the highest offer, but offered 20% more than the second highest offer (equivalent to $26,400 more; a staggering difference).

Disclaimer: This material is general in nature and not intended to be specific of any one situation. All scenarios described above have been altered to protect the confidentiality of all involved. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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